We share the universal intelligence. Theresa J Morris Ministries shares radio shows on the TJ Morris ET Radio Shows. TJ Morris Radio and Cosmos Radios Magazine shares interesting people and their stories of the strangely appealing!

We specialize in life after life, NDE, and life after death entities, poltergeists, paranormal, super natural,  theoretical physics, phenomenology, and universal life research.

Theresa J Morris Ministries
American Communications Online
Allied Command Ordination

We are the Ascension Center Organization.

Guardian Angels share Universal Life journals.

We are the author’s of our own life stories!

We are the archivists who study world cultures, events, legends, the supernatural and paranormal kind including Artifical Intelligence of the Ascension Age.

Universal Life Clergy.  “Do what is right!”

ACO Club

Peer Review Journals for the Cosmos Expo Magazine of the Strangely Appealing! TJ Morris ET Radio.

Now accepting articles of the most interesting supernatural and paranormal kind for our future.

The event is composed of general sessions to unveil the latest thoughts for our future research and insights, intimate breakout sessions with ACO Club’s Paranormal, Supernatural analysts on niche topics. We share our ACO Members who are recognized among our peers. We share our own  topics and  case study presentations, focused on operationalizing our personal brands, group of hobbyists or company’s growth strategy.

We specialize in sharing the television programs including reality shows we enjoy the most on our own timeline.

We share motivational educational entertainment to inspire life is for the living!

We are pro-life faith for the future of all humankind and share this Theresa J Morris Ministries as our platform for sharing in essence and spirit as esprit de corps!

We share American Culture International Relations.

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